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Diagnostic port ???


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My wife was given a '93 Accord EX for free from a friend as we were in need of a 2nd car. It has its issues which most I have taken care of. The problem now is that the engine light comes on at times, but not always. Maybe 1/20 starts and even less then that is the ring around the "D" in drive flashes which the owners manual states to take it to a local dealer. For now I just want to know where the Diagnostic port is at so I can get a code off of the engine light to see what the issue is. So, where's it at? I was all up under that dash and didn't see one.


Thanks guys.

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It is either up under the glove box, under the passengers side kick panel or in some rare instances under the passengers side carpet to the right of the computer. It is usually a blue two pin/wire connector but I have from time to time seen it be gray. It will be plugged into a false or dead end connector that you will have to disconnect it from in order to jumper it. I am pretty sure yours is under up under the glove box. Good luck.

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