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Blower Motor or Resistor ? 2004


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2004. Blower motor stopped working.


1. check under the hood fuses and inside the car fuses= all ok.

2. bypassed the resistor and gave full power to the motor blower = went to FULL SPEED, checked out ok.


My conclusion: Replaced the resistor: cost = 89 bucks.


That same day my blower motor crapped out again??!??


Am i missing something?? anyone been thru this before??



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it is the blower motor itself....it is most likely the resistors and all that happy crap inside it......a good way to check is if you have a multimeter check the resistance and then run a pair of jumper wires straight the the motor and see what happens

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Thanks Kiwi87


Is there a minimum for resistance?


I did replace the resistor and it worked. But next time i turned it on, my fan motor stopped working again. All in the same day too. frustrating.


I'll get my multi-meter and check the voltage and post my results.



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