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Amp/Sub Installation


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Hey everyone,

I just bought an INSIGNIA 1000 watt amp and 2 12's in a box(with lights) and I have zero experience installing audio. I was wondering if someone could provide some insight into installing the system in my 2001 Accord. I have a stock deck unit. Any help would be really awesome. Thanks a lot!













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Installing it will be pretty easy. Do you have a wiring kit for it?


This will comprise of:

Power cable (with fuse)

Phono Cable

remote switch cable

speaker cable

earth cable


You have to make sure the power cable, and the fuse on it, is capable of handling the power the amp will need, otherwise you'll blow the fuse every time you pump it up. It says in the manual for your amp what gauge wire is needed. (4/8 gauge?)

You can download the manual here: http://caraudio.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/insignia/nsa1000.html

That will help a lot with fitting.


Most of it is pretty straight forward though. Take out the headunit, hopefully it'll have two phono-out sockets on the back (if not, you'll have to pick up a new headunit). put the phono cable in the back of there, and run it under the carpet to the trunk (or wherever you will mount your amp). Fit the earth cable to the amp, and make sure it is bolted to the main body/chassis of the car. the remote switch cable will also run to the head unit, run the speaker cable to the port on the subwoofer box, and lastly run the power cable to the battery (disconnect the battery first, so you don't go blowing any fuses or something). Run through the manual though properly first so you don't have any mishaps.


Get the amp mounted properly, you could do it to the side of the sub box if it'll fit, or make one out of a piece of MDF and fit it to the boot... or you could just bolt it to the carpet in the boot, with some mdf behind it to make it sturdy enough. Just make sure it's not in a really enclosed space, that thing will get DAMN hot.


Check http://www.ehow.com/how_2050302_setup-new-car-amplifier.html for a basic guide on how to set up the audio for the amp, also google will bring up a whole host of how to tweak the sub so you get the most out of it.

Getting a decent headunit will also really help you make the most out of it (it should give a few options on it for setting up high/low pass filters).


Hope this helps, good luck!



Oh, and big pics are good, it's damn annoying when people post little thumbnails that you gotta click to see in full! :)

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Wow thanks a lot for your help in such short amount of time! I guess that's how things work around here at hondaforums lol. I'm reading through the insignia manual now. Im extremely grateful you found that for me. I can't wait to get started on setting up and wiring my first stereo system! I'll let you know how things go when I'm finished but I'll most likely be back on here before that happens asking for more help haha.

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lol, yeah let us know how it goes. There is usually manuals for most elec bits online if u do a search, which is a damn good, cos I always loose mine :p

That manual should help u out better than my post, but the post should be a good overview anyways :).


any probs, just post up! The guys on here know a solution to most problems, just do a search before hand (most things have been asked before).

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Okay, so i've been doing a lot of research and I couldn't find this in the forums... Do I have to run the power cable straight from the battery to my trunk where the amp and subs are mounted? Is there a fuse somewhere in the interior that I can connect the amp to instead of finding a way through the dash? And what route through the dash do you recommend if there's no interior hookup for the amp? also, when I do finally get to the install, i will have to unplug the battery and reset the radio, what is the easiest way to get the radio security code?

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Yes the power cable goes all the way back to the trunk to the amp.


The best way is to find the firewall and push it through that. Usually there are two, one by the battery and one by the drivers side. It usually comes out above the clutch pedal but it depends on the car.


Also the fuse for the power cable should be put close to the battery. And no you need to use a fuse that is made to handle the power for the amp, these fuses are pretty big.


Probably the easiest way to run the wires is behind the carpet, and then pull up the door sills and run it under there.


Some people run the power cable on the opposite side of the sound cables to prevent interference, but that's up to you.


Also when you run your ground wire from the amp, make sure its metal on metal contact. Usually you can find a bolt in the trunk to loosen up and put the ground under that, but scratch any paint off of that spot so its clean.


The security code should be in the glovebox somewhere, or in your owners manual. If you can't find it in there I think you need to call the dealer and give them proof of ownership and the VIN to your car.


I hope that answered all of your questions

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