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needed: 02 ep3 cat


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my maint req'd light flashes about 5 times then stops everytime i turn on my car and my mechanic said that my cat is going bad. so obviously imma need a new one soon. or now. so if anyone knows where i can get a good, cheap racing cat that'll pass smog, hit me up asap. i would like to replace it now.




im also looking for a good full exhaust system. piping, muffler, and possibly headers. let me know what you guys can do for me. i'd also like to get my ep3 a new computer and/or chip. it's all stock and i dont want that >=]


hit me up on here or email me at mrblackguy1013@sbcglobal.net

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well i found a cat from a muffler shop for 250. so i was gonna go with taht unless i get something cheaper/better. i have money dude. im not rich but i have enough. just throw some prices at me and i'll let you know wassup.


chipping it wont help? how much would that cost me anyways? im not really familiar with chips though... you got any hook ups for any parts? intake? piping? muffler (preferably the megan axleback tip)? suspension?


i also wanna get a type r dstributor and type r throttle body. would those make a difference?

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alright cool. but im asking you if YOU have any hook ups or know anywhere good? cause i know how to look for parts and whatnot, im just askng around for hookups and good parts providers, you know? sorry if i sound like a dork...

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