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94 Accord in south Fl, Fix Or Motor Swap

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Accord pic

Hey everyone. I just bought a 94 ex accord, with what I think is a blown head gasket, for $400. Im not an expert with a wrench, but I got the jist. The car has 240,000 miles on it, so now im thinking, Is it worth putting the money towards a new head gasket or save for a new motor. I got excited reading post about the h22 swap being almost plug and play, but the more I researched, I realized its not so simple. If I got to get a new motor, I would love to do upgrade, but i dont have a huge budget and I also dont want to get over my head with trying to do this myself. About 10 years ago I helped a buddy drop a B16 in a 93 hatchback in his front yard. It took us about a month to do and when it was complete, it started but had problems. I believe it was because has was trying to still use his DX harness and ecu. If any one has some suggestions for me or just tell me I gave away $400, Please let me know.

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Definitely do the swap.


Engine swaps have come a long way in ten years. You can buy everything you need online and some sites (like hmotorsonline.com) sell the complete swap with everything you need.


The exterior of the car looks to be in great shape so I'd say swap in an H22 and start enjoying it.

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Putting an H22 into an accord is a fairly common swap nowadays. I'm sure if you look around the internet (maybe honda-tech) or some dedicated accord forum, you could find a very good step by step for the swap.

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