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Drivers window will not roll up


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I have a 94 accord sedan. The drivers power window rolled down and will not roll back up. I don't hear anything when using the switch. The other 3 windows work fine. I have purchased a new switch and motor/regulator and neither corrected the problem. Any idea what the problem may be? The fuse under the hood for the drivers window is good. I have read about an under the dash fuse box but haven't been able to find it. Could that be it. There is also a "black box" in the drivers door. Not sure if this is a control unit of some kind as I can't find any diagrams that show it. Help!

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You have a power window control unit located in the door and you also have an integrated control unit which should be located behind the drivers side interior fuse/relay panel. I would start simple and check fuse number 28 which is a 20A fuse in the under hood fuse panel (it should be labeled Power Window FL), and if in doubt check them all (a test light is the fastest way). If it is bad replace or swap it with one of the other window 20A fuses and re-check to see if the window works. If not then remove the master switch assembly (the one you use while driving), disconnect the wire connectors, and check for power to the drivers window using a test light (test the terminal where the green/white wire enters the connector for the main wiring harness). If no power then you have a break in the circuit some place that you will have to find (I get into that later if you still can't find your problem). If you have power to the green/white wire then reconnect the switch wiring (don't put it back in the car though) and then check to see if there is power while holding the switch in the window down position to the red/yellow wire. If there is then the down function of the switch is working. Then check for power while holding the switch in the window up position to the red/blue wire. If so then the switch should be fine, if not the switch is bad/replace the entire master switch assembly. To test the power window control unit check for power to the solid red wire. If there is power then the unit should be fine, if not the the unit is likely bad. Remeber that all test need to be done with the key in the ON position and not the ACC position otherwise there will not be power to the window control system.


Good luck and let us know what you find.

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hey turtlehead my master power window switch is not working and i think its because the power window lock has shorted out the only window that works now is the driver side front window i here a clicking sound when i try to use the other window switchs any help would be appreciated


by the way it is an 2006 accord 4 door

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