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d15b1 swaped to d16z6

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i have a 1991 honda civic (base)

it has the d15b1 with four speed

kinda on a budget

and i want to swap it for a d16z6 with five speed

and before i start i have a few questions

i know i have to get the d16z6 engine+tranny, ecu, wiring harness etc. but:


1 will the tranny fit with out mods or will i need to change something for the five speed

2 will i need the d16z6 motor mounts or will it line up with the old ones

3 will it fit under the stock hood

4 does the d16z6 like turbos (might go turbo someday)

5 will the axles fit with the 91 spindle or do i have to change to the 92-95 spindle

6 will i have the same specs as the stock civics or will the weight make it more

7 what HP and torque can i pull out of it

8 what would be the CR of it

9 is a high CR good or bad


well i think thats all the questions


thanks for the help

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1. you cant use the 92 up trannys in your car. you need a cable clutch tranny. they are cheap and also come in 5 spds.


2. you will need to take all the mounts off the d15 and put them on the d16.


3. yes , lol.


4. yes , lol


5. the axles are all the same for d series. reuse the ones that come out.


6. same weight pretty much.


7. not much , its a d series


8. since its a stock engine it will have stock compression ratio.

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