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Replacing Blower Motor, dash need to be pulled ?


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Well this appears to be a huge PITA.....i have the glove box pulled and both boxes lose (heater core, and blower motor) but they will not slide out. something is in the way, i pulled the dash out probably 4 or 5 inches on the passenger side and it still wont budge. Has anyone replaced a blower motor on a 92 accord ? Need some help here please.

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The bolts holding the blower housing are easy to find, but the housing can get snagged on group of wires running behind it. Try and feel behind it and on the side closest to the door. I yanked my cousin's out and ended up soldering those wires back together.



i have the 3 connectors that wire up to the piece disconnected. did u remove the dash though ? i removed the 2 bolts on the dash on the side but still no luck.

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There should be there screws I believe that go up into the blower motor (if I am think if the right car). They got straight up and hold the motor in the box. You should be able to disconnect the wiring remove the screws and drop the motor straight down to get it out. Sometimes you need to removed the plastic kich wall panel (pops out) and sometimes pull the carpet back to get clearance to get it low enough to get it out. It that is not your setup then I appologize. Good luck.

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