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2000 civic ex


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when i had the tranny put in the car i was told it had new clutch plate, bearings, and the works, i picked the car up and when i put in gear it grinded going in all gears. they replaced the slave cylinder and it fixed it but the cylinder only moves bout halfway from what it should. if i try bleeding the system when the pedal is pushed in and you tighten the bleeder the pedal stays on floor. over past couple months it has become harder to shift into gear and now its getting to the point when i have to put it into 1st or reverse i have to shut the car off put in gear and start back up, reverse when going into gear grinds real bad then might go in. do i need to put new clutch kit in not knowing whether they actually did it or not. i installed new slave cylinder, reservoir has fluid but still probs persist. and what else should i change, with it hard shifting, thinking maybe it mightve bent the forks or what not

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