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Resetting the Air Flow in the Vents????


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Hello everyone my name is nacho, thanks in advance for those who reply to this!


I have a problem: My 1996 Honda Accord Stationwagon stopped blowing air through the vents all of a sudden (from one day to the next).


I had this happen to me before and one of my friends who works at "Hondoctors" in Las Vegas was able to do a button sequence with the controls on the dashboard that got my air flowing again.


Would anyone here happen to know what the sequence of those buttons are so I can do it myself, it's hot outside and my ac works perfect just no air is coming through the vents now LOL.


Thanks in advance for those who can help, I greatly appreciate it.

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Button sequences are for multiplexer units, your accord does not have such a unit.


You first need to investigate the extent of the problem:

1. Are you not blowing air in one speed or all?

2. Is the problem intermittent? does it occur in hot weather (afternoon) and cool (morning), or irregardless of ambient temperatures?


Then you can begin inspecting your circuit:

3. Check the blower fuse in the in-car fuse/relay block.

4. Check the blower relay in the in-car fuse/relay block.

5. IF the blower works at some speeds but not at others, check for an open circuit or high resistance on the blower resistor.

6. Using a probe light or multimeter, check the control knob at the blower motor to be sure you are getting 12v in all positions.

7. Using a multimeter, make sure the blower motor has a good connection to ground.


Then you can fix your problem:

Blown fuse, replace it.

Relay not working, replace it.

Open circuit in the Blower Resistor, or high resistance, replace it.

Both voltage and a good ground present at the blower motor but the motor doesn't come on, replace it.

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