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Selling my 97 Lude


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Hi all - Just joined. I'm the original owner of a 97 Prelude V-Tech (red, fully-equipped) that originated in CA. I now live in central NJ. Car was shipped out when I relo'd here. The car was in a front-end accident last year. I'm unable to drive as the airbag deployed and knocked me out cold. I do not have salvage title, have original title. Car only has 116K miles and my mechanic says it was just 'broken in'. Needs front-end work; Engine block, chassis not cracked or damaged. Front hood, battery, headlights damaged & airbags deployed. It's a sequential shift. Car slid underneath elderly idiot who stopped in front of me on highway (for no reason). Car saved my life but I'm afraid to drive plus I'm in treatment for breast cancer. Want to sell 'as is'. Will disclose everything. I maintained/serviced it to the book and no one else ever drove it. Great deal for bodywork pros. "My Lude" was fun while it lasted. Time to move on. Does anyone know best place (in NJ) to sell my Lude under these circumstances? Thanks so much.

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