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Overheating or Ignition??


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91 accord lx, 273k, five speed four door F22A1 Motor


Will crank and run fine for about 10 mins, then when it seems like its up to temp it cuts off, the check engine light comes on along with the battery light and the oil light, and wont turn on again till it gets time to cool. I flushed the coolant out and replaced it with new good clean stuff. The oil is brand new as well. What else could be wrong?


The top radiator tube is hot so I dont think its the thermostat thats not opening up, my water pump does turn and doesnt make any grinding sounds or anything? Could it be the pump, the pulley isnt slipping or doesnt seem so, could it be kinda working? I figure a pump either pumps or doesnt. Do those "miracle liquids" that state they lower the temp of the coolant work?


Could it be the ignition system? I was told by a buddy that i need to change out the "igniter", however when i look in the manual there is nothing listed as the igniter. Because I heard that if the ignition system gets too hot it will not work properly, Any suggestions would be great

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