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ckp sensor problem


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i have '00 civic dx and i had this code so i swapped out the sensor, the one that is behind the crankshaft pulley/ within the timing belt housing.


took it to a mechanic and he said that because it was an after market sensor from Kregan (O'Reily) then it might be that it was just a crappy one, and i should get a certified honda sensor. any possibility in that?


also i was poking around and i tested the sensor wires and they seemed to be okay (if i was doing it right), but i wasn't able to get inside the distributor. i got the outter casing off but there was another casing in the way w/ a lil wheel type deal in the way and i didn't know how to remove it. as far as looks go, it was all very clean.


i checked all other wires as best i could to see if any were damaged and it all looked fine.


it's starting to stall almost everytime i come to a complete stop now.

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