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98 Accord EX Keyless/Immobilizer


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Hi, I am new here and considering buying a 1998 Accord EX. One issue that troubles me is the owner claims that the original key (chip) is lost and there is no keyless entry. Owner claims $250 to replace. After searching the net for a replacement keyfob and how to program the fob, it dawned on me that I may not be able to do this without an original key. I must have driven the car with a valet key or the immobilizer is disabled? I can live without the immobilizer, but I really want the keyless entry. As it is, you can't open the trunk with the key. I am trying to understand my options. I don't even know what the original key looks like. Are there buttons on it or was there a separate fob?



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It takes special software at the dealer to make the key/program it to your car. You will have to show proof that you own the car (title will work) and they will use your VIN to determine the cut. They will need they car at the dealership in order to program the key to the car. You do not need the original key to get this done since it can all be done off the VIN. They are pricey to have done but are worth it if you can not live without it. If you have multiple dealers in your area shop around because the price may vary. Good luck.

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