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94 accord rear wheel noise

noahs accord

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I have a 1994 accord ex that I had parked over the winter in Minnesota. It is an auto so I had the parking break on. I just got it back on the road and now it has a thumping sound coming from the right rear wheel area. A neighbor said it was most likely a rust deposit on the rotor and the pads were hitting it per rev. It did not have this noise when I parked it. It was parked for five months. While driving if I apply the parking brake the thumping sound stops. Does this sound right or could a bearing have gone out just sitting

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It may be the bearing so check it for play. Honestly, I just worked on your generation Accord where the guy had it parked for a year while he was out of the country and he was experiencing a similar situation. It was in fact the brakes causing his issue. Honda's hate to sit for long periods of time. If you have enough rust build up you may have it rubbing on on caliper frame while driving, but often times you will hear it more when cornering to a particular direction making it appear to be a bearing.


If it is a rear bearing they are relatively cheap to purchase through Honda and they are very easy to replace. They hardest part of doing them would be getting inner bearing race off the spindle. If you have a 2 or 4 door then I think the part number should be 42200-SV1-J51 (regardless of US or JPN made).


Good luck.

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