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94 RS fuel system problems


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So basically I've been messing with this car for to long and am just trying to find some answers, hopefully. I have been having starting problems for the past 8 months or so, starting in the heat of the summer when the car would not start after sitting in the sun. Main relay right? Not quite, just did that. I have replaced the following during this process: new injectors, fuel pump, fuel filter, distributer, sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, and main relay... When it wouldnt start on the hot days I would let it sit and it would start right up and that only happened like twice. Then one of the injectors stopped working, found out with help of a friend mechanic with some simple tricks. I replaced the injectors and it ran fine for a while. Then it just stopped starting and the ecu error code came up as 16 (injectors). I let the car sit and one day I went out and it started up and ran perfectly so i drove it for a couple days and then it just died on me while driving so I towed it home and it sat again. So I thought maybe I had just bought some super crapty injectors and bought a whole new batch and there was no change - it will turn and turn but not start. So today I took fuel rail off with injectors still on and turned the car over, no gas coming out of injectors but there is pressure behind the injectors, I have a pressure gauge at the fuel filter reading 40psi and the pressure pushed an injector out of the fuel rail (so its there). So we figured it was the main relay and went and replaced that and found no change. At this point I'm pretty confused, what other parts of the car are responcible for running the injectors? Could it just be the 0-2 sensor shutting down the ecu? I'm figuring it has to be electronic but I really have no idea at this point? Something else has to be telling the ecu/main relay not to hit the injectors. Any help would be great.

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