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OEM Honda parts day is always the BEST day


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soooooooooooo.... yea OEM Honda parts day is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD day!!



oil pan gasket

timing belt tensioner

water pump

valve seal A intake x8

valve seal B exhaust x8

vaccuum plugs back of block and crush washers


Oil Pump O-ring

AC firewall delete plug

front crank seal

oil pump o-ring 26.2x2.4

oil pump o-ring 26.9x2.4

Hondabond HT

plus OEM timing belt coming form acura should be here any day.


plus i got re-manufactured axles (i know they are crappy, but i wasn't gonna put new boots on my already crappy current re-manufactured axles for MORE money than it costs to just get new remanufactured ones) i use these because they are like fuses for my tranny :D


also new power steering rack dust boots


the work nezarts!!!!!


she's gettin some honda cancer lovin soon!


and most likely an interior sprucing... I'm thinkin' Broadway convex 270mm, black suede on all the current gray interior pieces, i already have a new radio/ shift lever console (mine was fawked up)


New alarm system, sick of the crappy range on mine.


and that's all i can think of for now that is new... OH i don't think anyone knows that i put a Moroso baffled oil pan on her. That's sort of new also.


del Sol= :wub: I'm gonna be busy


EDIT: http://www.hondapartscenter.net ftmfw by the way! best prices i have found online.

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