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Tiptronic slams into 1st from 3rd


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Newb here.


I have a stock 97 Lude that I bought with the auto trans out. The guy I bought it from said it wasn't shifting, and was stuck in 3rd I think.


I had it rebuilt (no big issues, just burned clutches). It shifts perfectly from 1-2, but when it reaches the speed to shift into 3 it slams back into 1st! Very unpleasant, especially since I spent a bunch on the rebuild.


When the diagnostic computer is hooked up it takes forever to initiate, and at one point showed a P0700 error code (no communication with the TCU). I broke down and took it to the dealer, but on the Honda computer it now shows no codes. No codes from the ECU either. The dealer can't figure it out either and they want to open up the tranny again.


Anyone out there had this issue before? It happens whether I am in manual or auto mode. The rebuilder checked each circuit and wire, no problems. He swapped TCU's too, no change. Any help, insight, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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sounds like a problem with the valve body. I would bet the previous owner took it apart thinking it was the problem. There a many small ball bearings and springs, if you don't get them all back exactly as they came out you can have problems like this, and they may not trip a code. The computer sees everything working correctly, shift solenoids, clutches, etc. Take it back to where they rebuilt the trans, find out if they opened the valve body. Either way you payed to have a transmission rebuilt, they need to fix it.

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did you ever find the problem with your tranny? i have a 97 and its doing the same thing except its doing it in 2nd gear. it will change into 2nd and slam back into 1st. dont think tranny has been worked on. so if anyone else has any ideas i would appreciate it. thanks

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