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K20A into 1994 Prelude

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Im looking into buying a 1994 honda prelude with the hopes that i can slip my K20A RSX Type R i-VTEC DOHC with 6-Speed LSD Tranny into it. I really wanna make this happen but Ive never heard it done before so if any one has a clue about this type of set up and what kinda worms i might be opening up id appreciate a heads up... thanks

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Uber-noobs listen, accords make love with 'ludes, civics do it with integras. OP, you want the K24, not a K20.


generally speaking yes, but you will always have h22 and f22 engines in civics and whatnot... I think a K20 in a 4th gen would be bada$$ but remember that the engine spins in the opposite direction so your tranny will be on the drivers side instead of the passenger so there is going to be some major engine bay mods needed... I say go for it it would be pure sex if you could pull it off... let me no how it goes and if you decide not to do it and want to sell your engine and tranny let me no cause i buy it from ya

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