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front end camber... help please.


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hey guys, im a pretty good shade tree mechanic on just about anything thrown at me, and i specialize in classic VW's which use main king and link pin front ends ( super old school stuff pre-66 ) anyway heres my problem


i bought my wife a 97 accord, it drives straight as an arrow, the wheel returns to center properly etc... everything feels alright, and seemed to look alright till it chewed up a set of front tires in the time it took me to get 5k on it. it began as a small low speed shimmy, upon further investigation, i have a bad right outer ball joint, and i have a pretty good amount of positive camber on the front end. causing the front tires to wear out on the insides at the a fore mentioned extremely accelerated rate


from everything ive been told and read hondas do not have a camber adjustment on the front end, could my 1 bad ball joint be causing this issue?


the car appears to be stock ride height so i dont imagine the camber is from lowering it.


ive done a bit of searching and cant come up with anything good and im hoping someone here can help me out and point me in the right direction.





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I know this is a slightly old thread but maybe he'll be back....



There is no camber adjustment on the fronts of your car. If the upper control arm and ball joint assembly is bad that will cause it. I would certainly recommend using a Honda part. If the lower joint is failing it can cause the camber to go out a little, but nothing like the upper. If the upper ball joint is not bad then it could be the bushings in the control arm, otherwise maybe the control arm was not fastened to the body correctly (although hard to do on the newer Accords).

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