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questions bout my jdm f20b


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Hey guys, im in a little bit of a tight spot i originally bought my jdm f20b to put in a 93 civic shell but the deal with the shell fell throu and the person i was building the car with i no longer talk to, i've been trying to sell it but with no luck. i don't know much about the engine or cars for that matter i wanted to build it because i wanted to learn and it was what my now ex loved to do. An SUV hit me on wednesday during the snow storm so i need to money from the motor for a new car ..


all i do know is its a jdm blue top f20b motor less then 50,000 miles, i have the tranny to go with it 5 speed manual, shift cables and if necessary motor mounts for a 93-95 civic








if you know anyone thats interested or if you have any more info on the type of motor so i can post it on ebay or something please hit me up


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