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Cooling question


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Ok first of all thanks for everyone that has helped through the posts finally got the car RIght, it runs good except for the cooling system


replaced thermostat


replaced thermoswitch


have a newer radiator to put in it that will be next


my question is:


when I start the car it warms up normally as it should but after a while the heater naturally pushes out cold air. then when I start driving it it goes back to warm and real warm actually but when I get to a stop light it goes back to cold air,

I cannot get the fan to kick on either, I let it run for about twenty minutes and the fan would not start??? I cannot figure out why its doing this I have been told that a simple fix would be to cover part of the radiator with some cardborad, that the radiator is working to efficiently, I am trying to stay away from doing "ghetto" work on the car,



also I just purchased a 93 si for parts, though some of them I do not need if there is something your looking for let me know

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What does your temp gauge do while all of this is happening? Sounds like you have an air bubble and you need to purge the cooling system. If it's cold enough outside the cooling fan won't kick on if it isn't needed. I run dual fans on a control relay and the fans won't come on until 190F (one fan actually, second comes in at 195F or whenever the A/C is on).

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The temp has stayed in nominal temp so that may be the case ether way im going to switch my radiator today just to be sure


ok, now today i got up and started the car what causes the engine to jump?? while idleing it goes from 1000rpm's to 2000 rpms just kinda fluctuates


anyway i think it may be my h.g. thats the problem but wanted a little insight from everyone my rad and resivoir was empty when i got to work no puddles in driveway so...... where would it go if not through the headgascket, there is a little bit of white smoke coming out of the tailpipe but starts to less noticible when the car warms up?? the links below are of the engine i need particular attention paid to the mototr there is a line that has had a screw put in it (by previous owner) and I cannot figure out where it would go( i know that the coolant is not empty because of this please help


http://i534.photobucket.com/albums/ee344/mykep83/DEL%20SOL/SDC10936.jpg FUEL RAIL line is to the right


http://i534.photobucket.com/albums/ee344/mykep83/DEL%20SOL/SDC10937.jpg bettor view of the line in question


http://i534.photobucket.com/albums/ee344/mykep83/DEL%20SOL/SDC10938.jpg probably the best view of the line

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