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Ok I have a 93 sol wit the d16.


I have let it warm up for about a half hour and still no fan turning on, im not sure I have replaced all the fuses and the relay in the fuse box(under hood) what is the simpilist way to jump the fan to see if it works and i can colapse the radiator hoses on both sides(colapse meaning no fluid) that leads me to belive that the switch might be bad as well any help on this matter would be awesome,


ok next;


I need some wiring harnesses for the sol;


=driver and passanger tailight harnesses


=driver and passanger headlight harnesses


=cd player and gauge cluster harness


I am also interested in a gauge cluster for the sol as well mine is a little bit beat up since they decided that the factory wires were not good enough so they made there splices any way they could...... ITS FANTASTIc


If anyone knows what other makes of civics I can use these harnesses from that would be fantasic info to know, HONDA said that these harnesses are vehicle specific





I would like to put a cigg adapter in my sol as well if anyone knows the easiest way to accomplish this??

My idea was to take the cd player harness out of a 92 or 93 civic (4dr) and use the adapter from that car as well as the harness but as stated above honda said that would not work........

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Ok I just went out there and started the motor let it run for a few min and the top radiator hose was hott and the bottom one(bottom of radiator) was still cold I dont know if my switch is bad and the fan would no kick on and all any help on these would be great

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OK just checked the thermoswitch for the fan(jumped the fan from there, so that switch must be bad, i bought that one, have not put that new one it yet, will do it tonight, but im sure that it will work after that, hopefully we should not have any more problems...

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