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My battery continues to die

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OK so i don't know whats going on with my car, first of all i just bought a new battery for my CRX because the battery light keeps coming on after a few minutes of the car being turned on. so i went out and bought a new battery but that wasn't the problem, i was driving for about 10 min then the light came back on, i had my altinator checked at auto zone so i know it isn't my altinator. What happens when my batterie light comes on is: the battery light flickers on and off, after a while it stays on, once that happens the wind shield whipers get really slow and all my lights start to fade on my dash, then my car dies. So i bought a new battery and got the altinator checked, what else may be my problem? In need of some seriouse help, need my car so i can get to work. THANKS everyone for your time and effort. let me know whats up!

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