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Condesation on inside trunk lid


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Hi! From the Great but wet NorthWest. I have a 93 del sol with 97,000 miles on it. Been happy with it for years. Has been forming condensation inside its trunk's lid. I ignored it for along time. Seemed to go away in the summers. However, now it has turned into a mold problem. I went away for a couple of weeks and the car sat. I came back to clumps of mold under the seats. I have bought a product for Home Depot called MOLDEX. I hope it will work, it is being shipped to me, they do not carry it in their store here. I am worried that since the condesation is constant the mold will return. I took it to a shop and the guy said Del Sol's were notorious for leaks and to chase and repair the leak it would cost thousands. Has anyone been through this?


Thanks, Kristin in Seattle with the perpetual Samba Green mold machine.

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It certainly may be the targa top seals, but it could also be leaking in around the 3rd brake light, rear sail panel trims, or the antenna. Since you are getting water in the cabin as well as the trunk, you may have a combination of these issues. I replaced all the clips holding my rear sail panels in and supplemented those with some good clear silicone and that fixed my very minor trunk leak. Yours sounds considerably worse. One way to track it down is to remove all the trunk trim and rear interior pieces (carpet, headliner, rear bulkhead trim), THEN using a garden hose, flood the exterior of the car one section at a time starting low and working higher as you intermittantly check for water intrusion in the cabin and trunk.


It is a time consuming process but can be done at home by a reasonably skilled home mechanic. In order to clean up all the mold the right way, you're going to have to remove all the interior pieces affected anyway and either clean with anit-mold solution or replace them. IF the roof molding need replaced, they are obviously expensive NEW, but you may have good luck with a good used set. Of course you are taking the chance the used set won't be better than what you have.


Sorry you have to deal with this. It's going to be a pretty big job, but if you are handy, it can be done without spending a fortune.

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Oof...I have just discovered slight condensation under my trunk hood too. It does not seem too bad and it is not all the time. My Targa top seals seem fine.

I am going to take apart my trunk when there is better weather and see how things are. What are these clips around the trunk area I hear about. Where are they?

What do they look like? Maybe mine need to be replaced.

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