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Remote starter install


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hows everyone doing..


sooo i havnt been on here in a while, or at least havnt commented, i usually just read stuff, but the other day i ordered a new remote starter/slash alarm online.

its the python 991, its seems really nice. i dont really need an alarm, but i figure why not have it just in case.

the question is, is it going to be extremely hard to install by myself with the help of a friend. he has installed a bunch of stuff in cars as far as electronics go, but im just asking beforehand in case i need to redecide the dyi path.





on another note, i dont think i ever said i got some blacked out headlights, but i still havnt installed them, waiting till after winter, and i never posted pics of my rims i had from summer(god im lazy). But it might seem ricer, idc, but i went to the dmv the other day and i got BLKD OUT reserved as a plate. i have to wait till next year, which blows soooo hard, but i guess it will go with my car then. I have an image of it as my DP now..




1) is the remote starter/alarm install hard

2) is the plate going to be cool or rice?

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