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2004 Civic can't stop


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So I'm hoping I'll find some people to help me out with some information. I had a scary event happen last night. My civic was accelerating without my foot on the gas. It wasn't feeling right and when I started to brake it would slow down, so it wasn't a brake issue. The brakes are fairly new. The mat is the hard plastic kind that doesn't budge, so that wasn't the issue. I eventually had to slowly turn into my drive and break all the way and turn off the car. Of course, now I've heard I should have put it in neutral. Woops. Driver's Ed was so long ago. All I was thinking about was trying to stop the car.


So my question to fellow Civic owners, esp. if you own a 2004, has anyone else experienced this? I think I'm only around 55k on it, too. Also, if you have any speculations as to how this has happened, please let me know. It doesn't seem like a typical maintenance issue.


Thanks for any help you can offer. :)

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