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ok, i bought a Clifford keyless entry/ remote start Matrix 1.3x. i have got all of the harness's hooked up as far as locks, lights horn ect.. im having a hard time figuring out how to wire the ignition harness. the module has an 8 wire heavy guage harness. ive got 4 heavy wires coming from my key switch and 1 in, ive figured the car side out but i am having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of how the module works and how it works with the car to start the car. im sure there is some kind of trick to getting it to start the car that i have not figured out. i am also completley aware of basic auto wiring knowlege, and i have a complete car schematic. the module came with a book like 20 pages long and is not helping me figure this out. when i call them for tech support thay tell me they can not help me and when i call the place i bought it they say the same thing. if anyone has any knowledge of this please lend me your mind.



its 10 degrees outside and ive been working on this for a week

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so you havnt wired any of the heavy guage wires? if you have and your trying to start it. make sure your in manual mode



i actually ordered a python 991 two days ago, but mines an automatic. if i find anything useful out when i install mine ill comment

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