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93 Prelude 2.2 vtec sputtering when warm


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I have a 93 prelude that ran perfect back in August. Ever since i moved out to New Mexico its been acting up. It spits and sputters on take off and while driving below 5000 rpms. Runs good as long as its above 5 grand. It progressively gets worse the more warmed up it gets. I have changed timing belt, timing idle belt, hydraulic tension and the other tensioners while i was in there, new injectors, new plugs, new wires, distributor, rotor button, fuel filter. I have checked to make sure all vacuum lines are in right and they are. So it has me puzzled what might be wrong. Im thinking maybe IACV or FITV?? Or Maybe fuel regulator?? Im really not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also when i push the pedal to the floor it boggs down and about dies. I really have to play with the gas pedal to get it going. Thanks

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