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D16Y8 SWAP Into 94 Civic cx Hatch


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Hi, I am new and not very mechanically inclined and have a few questions about a swap I am setting up (purchasing of all necessary parts etc). I currently drive a 1994 civic cx hatch and wanted to swap a d16y8 motor from a 00 civic ex.


The swap in question comes with the tranny, motor mounts, ecu. shift linkage, and wiring harness.


It says I would need to purchase a distributor which I have no issues doing, but from what I read the engine in question should just swap directly using mine. I am not sure if what I am reading is reliable information I have been doing a lot of research and yet I have found conflicting information.


What I really would like to know is exactly what I would need and what in that list of items coming with the motor is and isnt compatiable with my vehicle.


Ex: wiring harness ecu etc.


Furthermore what necessary parts should i purchase to make this swap as easy as possible, I am looking for a in and out procedure as this is my only vehicle so I am doing as much preparation as I can before I hand it over to the shop.


I appreciate any help that can be provided and thanks in advance for answering any of my questions as well as putting up with my incompetence when it comes to motor knowledge. progress.gifedit.gif

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you can buy complete swaps with everything you need from hmotorsonline.com


there you will see what is included so you can tell what you need


well I mainly want to know what I will need for this particular swap that website wasn't very helpful but I appreciate that idea.

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