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build a system for me

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alright i have no idea whats good on the market right now so i need your help.


first off i need a new headunit (it has to have white background, single bin size sadly, and a audio in none of this ipod crap, and of course subwoofer)

second i need 6.5" speakers, preferably two shallows for the rear cause mine hit the back wall of the sol

third crossovers (yes or no) (passive or active)

forth a subwoofer, im looking for either one shallow mount 12" or two 10" subs

and finally an amp to power the subwoofer


my goal is to spend around a grand for the whole system. i want some of the best stuff out there right now any other help or opinions is greatly appreciated

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first off i need a new headunit (it has to have white background,


If you want a HU with a white face plate and trim rings, you are really limiting yourself to using a marine deck and they are usually pricey


For 1000.00 I can maybe help you find what you need. . but it wont be the best out there. Not with only a grand to play with. I can try to help you find the best your going to get for ur money though

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sorry i meant like white LEDs by no means do i want the white faceplate or anything. and the grand is just a ballpark figure, im more then willing to spend more then that if the stuff is really worth it.


"doable, but i see a lot of ebay in your future lol"


everything i get will come from ebay if its there, no reason to pay more anywhere else. their prices are usually a third off the retail outlets

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In regards to head units, the easiest way to find one is just to take a trip to a Best Buy or local car audio shop or something and mess around with them. Its just a matter of knowing exactly what features you want then finding a head unit that has em.


Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, Panasonic, Eclipse etc. . . they all make entry level, mid level, and high end stuff that is comparable to each other


For mids, you can pull off a nice set of CDT components off of woofersetc.com right now. They are liquidating all their CDT inventory, so there is some nice savings to be had there.


As far as subs and amp. . . I think this package deal would be perfect for you




Dont forget to add in wiring and mounting kits for everything.

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well i found this headunit amazon link it seems pretty good to me. anybody have any experience Premier products?


that sub package looks pretty good even though ive never heard of those companies.


Premier is good stuff


Sundown is killing it right now in the car audio world. . . they are a fairly new company, but have made alot of waves and highly respected by the who's who of the car audio industry.


The SSA Dcon subs are another independent company that is gaining much popularity. their subs are tested and proven. You can cant go wrong.


Other 'unknown' companies worth taking a look at. . if you want to get caught up a little with the less known reputable companies out there. .











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well i ended up purchasing a 12" premier shallow mount with 400 watts RMS and a Premier dual channel amplifier. im now wondering will the del sol be able to power another amplifier if i want to get one for my speakers? here are the links for both amplifiers. 4 channel amp and dual channel




if not where can i find a more powerful alternator?

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