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94 accord lx


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Good evening all

I have a freind that i work with that has a 94 honda accord lx and lately she has problems with it let me give a little history she was coming back from taking son to school ran fine came to work went to leave for and it would not start it woyld try but nothing not even with starting fluid so she left it at work came back the next day started and ran she to it home change fuel filter said it looked original ran fine so next day took son to school stalled twice on the way back came to work went to start it nothing. had here mechanic come and it started and ran prefect he took it home was told that they had problems with the main relay so she had it replaced mechanic drove it all over the place no problem gave it back to her coming to work it stalled out twice then back to the same thing no start i think it might be her fuel pump but everyone says no that maybe her fuel pressure regulator is bad. but i dont think so correct me if im wrong but the fpr controls pressure after it starts and runs right? shes about ready to shoot her car is there anything i can check any idea would be greatly appreciated

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Could be the fuel pump, But I'm not sure. I don't think it would be the FPR.


Does it crank?


PS. By your username I'm guessing you live in utah?

no i live in texas just had the user name for so long i use it on everthing yes it does crank and it will run but only when it wants to like it has a mind of its own

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