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krazy idle


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got a 92 accord. when i turn on the car the the tachometer goes up to 2k then goes down to 1k then does it again. i replaced the throttle body (maf) with new gasket. new spark plugs. wires. adjusted the idle speed valve. got new ignition rotor. new rotor cap. replace fuel filter. used fuel injector cleaner. new oil new oil filter. the only thing i can think of is vacuum leak or timing was thrown off some how for some weird reason. bestow me with your knowledge

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The IAC valve is most likely dirty. You can try spraying throtle body cleaner through the port, but most likely it may have to be replaced. They are expensive, so if you can find one on a low mileage salvage car it might be worth grabbing that and see if the problem is cured. Otherwise if it is an automatic there is a very remote chance it is related to the transmission (but I would not start thinking down that path for now).


Good luck

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