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1st gear not quite right on takeoff


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Got a slight issue i'd like to look into before it becomes something major. I have a 1992 Prelude S w/ 5 speed manual transmission.


Occasionally when I take off from a stop sign or what not, in first gear of course, it will shake when I release the clutch. It doesn't always do it and only happens in first from a stop.


I've had this car for 10 years never had this issue before. I've driven stick shifts for well over 18 years.


Clutch is still firm nothing slips feels like still has plenty of grab. If it shakes I can push back in clutch and re release without this happening.


Car still runs so smooth still I can start from a complete stop, ease clutch out in first gear without even giving the car gas!


No sticking breaks or anything as not long ago I replaced the front break hoses, rotors, pads, one front caliper, one rear caliper, & rear pads and bled out the breaks.


For a 92 it still runs smooth & quiet as ever & cruses down the road just like a new ride though all your typical honda rust makes it look it's age.


Any ideas ?

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seems like your bearing is going out but im not 100% sure kuz mine does the same thing allmost but mine only does it when im 40+mph and have been driving the car 4 more than an hour or so. but thats my problem not rly the same but some what the same issue.


so look at getting a new through out bearing aka (clutch bearing). kuzim allmost prty sure that will fix that prob, but like i said im not 100% sure on that as to my problem is not rly the same...


good luck though hope it works out 4 ya

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