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Ipod vs the 02....


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I've got an 02 Civic Ex with the factory stereo in it. In searching for adapters capable of hardwiring into my radio I keep finding most still have me plugging my ipod into some arbitrary wire that juts out from one of a few possible hiding places. I dont like loose wires in my car. Prefer everything to have a place. Is there some kind of encasing or plug that I can put into one of my free ports (that the dealer leaves sealed) which fits the ipod adaptors and gives me more of a plug in jack look? vs this wirey mess I'm not too fond of and refuse to purchase. The wiring from the FM modulator is already bothering me enough.


Any help would be appreciated :D


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That looks quite nice....


You definitely spawned an idea for me. I've got quite a few of random inserts for the factory slots... Pretty handy with a dremmel n whatnot...


Thanks so much for your idea spawn! I appreciate it! Great job on yours.

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