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86 si sputtering


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I have a 86 crx si and i had a problem with sputterin when i got on the throttle hard. i replaced the alternator cause i figured my injectors were not gettin the power they needed. Well since i did the alternator it stopped for the most part. it only does it a small bit in high rpm's what else should i do?

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your plugs could be fouled, try running seafoam through the main fuel vacuum line(if you have f/i itll be right off the brake booster, if carb im not sure prob just run str8 threw the gas tank). could have a bad fuel filter, dirty air filter, just try any 1 of these if they dont work idk then it might be your pump relay goin out or your pump could be partial ecu could be many differant things at that point...


start with the most common and eastiest things 1st then go to the expensive crap if that doesnt work....

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