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tuning with uberdata

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i have a chipped p28 used, all i know it came from gsr. the vtec kick in at 6. i read up about uberdata, and thinking using a rom burner to reburn my map to a b16a map with more aggressive tune to it, and low my vtec back to stock engagement, around 4800rpm. i look around got a lot of stock map.

i thought about when i get a rom burner, i was going to read that chip and see what it look like, may be i can just low the engagement on the vtec. but then i worry, may be the fuel map had been change from factory engagment to 6. so may not going to run right.

i don't have the money go dyno tune yet, i was going to do that last when i install the turbo next year and also installing s300 for the tuning. i just don't want to spend 500 bucks now then 500bucks later.

i don't know anything about how to work on the map, i still reading up how to understand it.


my question is what kinda map will be good for me to run it. here's my setup

(i know a map tuned to my engine is the best map, but i just need a good map to get by right now)


b16a y1 LSD

I/H(dc 4-1), E(2.5 catback)

adjustable cam gear 0,0

blox manifold with 64mm opening

stock throttle body, (but will install blox 66mm with blox tps in 3weeks)

8mm wires

stock cam (but will upgrade to gsr cam in 1 week)

ITR flywheel

stage two clutch

obd 0- obd1 p28 chip with gsr map (vtec 6k and this map been tune to the gsr motor)

stock gsr dizzy(but will upgrade to external coil in 1 week)

o2 sensor not hook up yet, trying to hook it up this week end.


the map i got right now, it run my engine good on lo cam also really agressive on hi cam, but i can feel the lo cam quit making power, around 4900 to 5000, which where my vtec was kicking in with pr3.

sorry guys about the thousand question, i new to tuning, still learning.

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