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Getting ready to buy a 98 Honda Civic......


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98Mugen_Civic View Public Profile Send a private message to 98Mugen_Civic Find More Posts by 98Mugen_Civic i am getting a 98 civic EX red and fully loaded 5 speed.......down fall is that it has a D15B :rant: . i want to put a B16A2, or a B18C/R, or an H22A. not sure yet on which one though. but i was thinking for of a B18C. with a few mods to it. i know the transmission for the D15B is not that good with mods. i also know that a B series engine is easy to install in the car. i also know that the H series isn't too easy to put in as the B series. so my thought on the whole thing is to get a B series engine in it. i would want to know how long of a engine swap i am in for? because i am going to be building the engine outside of then car then put it in once it is finished. also do i have to get the gauge cluster for the engine going to be installed? i know i need the jumper and an ECU for the swap too. I do know that the ECU's are going to need to be P72 or P73 if i have too. i can get one from the 92-95 Civic the P28. Another question i have is which transmission i should get for the Engine.

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if youre going to do the swap yourself, it would probably take you a day to swap it in, being your first time. i know shops who do this professionally and they did it in under an hour. and no you shouldnt need a different gauge cluster. the only thing that will be off is the red line markings, so you just have to know where the motor redlines.

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