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92 accord with h22 wont start sometimes.


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my car sometimes when it is sitting in the sun it will not start. sometimes it starts right up and other times it starts and then dies right away. but when it doesnt start it just keeps cranking.

if any know what this could be that would be sweet

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My 92 Accord is showing the same symptoms, though I haven't verified whether it's strictly related to hot sun.


Does it only happen when the fuel level is low? If so, I suspect either the pump or perhaps a well-aged filter. My filter has 60000 on it, so is getting changed today.


If not, then perhaps the pump. Test for current at the pump by removing the back seat (3 bolts) and hooking a test light positive to the yellow, neg to grd, and turning key to ON (not start). If current, then it's the pump; if not, check the main relay.


Also, see this:



Goodl luck!

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its either 1 of 2 things that i can think of either fuel delivery, and or connectivity problems( plugs, wires, coil, distributor, cap and rotor, relays, filters being clogged up, fuel pump, carb, f/i system orthe injectors them selves being clogged up,) the list can go on and on, but we wont go there...


just check the easiest of what i just mentioned on that list, also try this b4 you start messin around with the electrical stuff( put about 1/4 can of seafoam in through your MAIN fuel vacuum line(shoould be right of the brake booster) if you have f/i(fuel injected) the rest of it in the gas tank,if carbed just run it through the gas tank and but put the whole can in the tank) its going to blow white smoke out the tailpipe so dont worry about that its just cleaning the carbon build up and what not in the motor,( rev at a constant 2k-2.5k rpm 4 about 2-3min then go drive it 4 about 5 or so min)...


that might be all you need to do witch would save you a crap ton of money than messin with the pump and all the fun stuff.





ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU GET THE CAR STARTED HAHAHA... good luck man hope you get it running in tip top

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I had this problem for about a year before I realized it was the Main Relay [also called the Fuel Pump Relay]. Cost me about $55 online and took about 30 minutes to switch it out.

Very likely that's what is causing your problem.


Edit: When your car doesn't start, turn the key to off, then turn it back to "AC" but don't start it. You should hear 2 soft clicks that are very close together, like 1/10 of a second apart. Very hard to hear but if you try then you'll be able to tell. If you hear 1 click, the fuel pump is not kicking on. If you hear 2, then the car should start. I did enough research online when I was having this problem so that's how I found out about it. Hope this helps.

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