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minor vibration.....


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I have a 2001 Accord Ex the f23a1 with a t3/t4 turbo kit installed. I just bought the car with all of this stuff installed. I notice that when I am accelerating (kinda hard) that their is a minor vibration. it feels like when you are breaking and your breaks are horrible and your steering wheel vibrates from side to side.... kinda like that but I am accelerating fast. what do you all think it could be? bad wheel bearings? too much torque for the transmission? thanks!


Jeff Thomas

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usally when you have vibrations in your steering wheel thats from the suspension bein worin out (speed wabbles) or lopsided wheels (a weight could of fallen off how i dont no but its possible).

so you might want to check both your front axels and all your joints struts and shocks.



how many miles are on the trans you no? could just need to be serviced,filter could be getting clogged, could have some lil bs floating around in there goin through the gears causing a vibration feeling or a bit of noise...


but im allmost bettin its going to be your suspension up front

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well the car has new suspension and it is a standard not auto so no transmission filter. she has 127,000 miles on a built engine... but i have no idea about the transmission.


how would I check the suspension?

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bushings are greased and not dried out and cracked, mounts, nuts are tight, shocks and struts are tight and not all loose,

but if you have a standard stuff still could be floating around inside it causing it to vibrate a bit upon accel. but your running 127k on built motor and your tranny is a misc. probaly a good idea to have your crap serviced and looked at. 1 way to check is a carfax if its been thru a dealership theyll have service records of it. another way is to open it up and see if theres any metal or loose dabree around the inside of the trans, if you see metal on any part of the inside its time for a rebuild or a new 1. DONT CRACK THE TRANS open kuz ull just frack the whole packing up so if your going to crack it open and see whats up with it you might want to think about having a good trans mech. rebuild and repack it for you...



also some other ideas that just came to mind, your throw bearing could be going out, your tranny could be every soo slighty slipping in and out of gear witch will in time will chew all the gears teeth away and youll be screwed.



does the car make a ticking noise at say 50+mph (you wont notice it if your windows are up, if it does have a ticking its most likly your bearing going out).witch can cause a vibration, also like i said b4, check your axles and half shafts, check your hole front end if you have to kuz im like 95% its going to have to do with either your suspension or your drivetrain. not so much the trans but mainly the axles and wa not

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