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idle problems


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ok i have a 89 prelude si with the 2.0 pgm-fi dohc motor out of a 90 or a 91. im have this idle problem it'll idle but it sputters a bit like its running realy rich and or realy lean. also ive tried taking the control air valve out and cleaning and i put it back in tightened it down and did the whole 1/4 turn back, that made it worse. would idle but barely, til i hit the gas then the car just turned off. so i backed the screw all the way out and just put about 2 1/2 turns on it and it idles doesnt shut off but it idles at about 1,200-1,500 rpm, and it blows a whitish blue smoke out the tailpipe when at a higher rpm. (i put seafoam in the crank oil mayb thats why it does that not sure). any hlp on this problem would useful...

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ok i fixed the sputtering and the smoking problem and the high idle. now i have a pulsing idle around 200-1k rpm... im thinking its a vacuum leak some where will check for a leak in a little bit. other than it might be the o2 sensors?

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