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Need Help with my 92 Prelude...anyone?


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Thank you for stopping by,

Here is the problem... My car will start and die with in 2 seconds. This ONLY happens after the car has been driven for a couple of hours or so, basically it will start just fine in the morning, runs, takes me to work, however, twiced, while trying to go to lunch i will attempt to start the car, and it will die within 2 seconds top...re started it and does the same thing...let it sit for 5 to 10min and try again and it will crank as if nothig had happened...SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE ME...the car has never stalled on me, it only does it on the later part of the day after it has ran some...

any ideas that i may want to try? i am not a mechanic by any stretch but i can turn a wrench and dont mind getting dirty.


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if you havnt figured your problem out by now, yes it could be your main relay but its most likely just your ingnition switch takin a fat dump on youi no this bcause my 89 prelude use to do the same thing til i got a new ingintion switch

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