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looks like bent valves on honda delsol!


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I am a field technician working on a Honda for a customer. After replacing the timing belt after it skipped a few teeth, put on a new one and aligned up with the mark on the crank timing gear sprocket. Ligned up the mark on the cam shaft sprocket at the 7 o'clock arrow. Everything is verified with the main harmonic balancer white mark lighned up perfectly with the timing cover. Did a rotation of the crank by hand to make sure no verything was ligned up and no valves hitting.


Put my compression gage in got no pressure. Pulled the stem valve out and felt the pressure "incase my gage was out of cal or inop" To feel the 130 psi pressure comming out. I only got a little comming out that was it. Engine spins at a much higher rpm when trying to start. I checked the valves/rocker arms to see if there was excessivle slack "bent valve" did not find any. all valves rocker arm adjustment felt to be within the factory adjustments. Got white spark and fuel pressure.


So it looks like slightly bent valves or holes in pistons? I do not have shop air to test with a bleed down valve checker to verify valve leakage or a boroscope. What'a the likleyhood of bent valves? Can the valves on these heads be bent and do not show it by showing excessive slack on the rocker valves?

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SOHC engines , the cam wheel has 4 marks. arrow pointing UP which points......up , lol. and 2 hash marks out each side sit level with surface of head , and another yes about 7oclock which points at the plastic cover pointer.


Can the valves on these heads be bent and do not show it by showing excessive slack on the rocker valves?


yes they can. valves in these engines tend to bend right where the head meets the stem. slightly cockeye. take the head off man. if your timing is dead on , and you have no or little compression , thats all you can do. its not holes in pistons , ive never seen that. if you can find one , get a fitting t put an air hose on your compression tester.

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