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Shot of my engine

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Well thats the best system I've found. besides the fact that Im a distributor for NX ;) in my opinion wet systems are the best ones to use on civics. I've had expiriences in the past of costumers that have blown their engines using dry systems. Wet systems are a lot more safer than dry sys.

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hey guys.

truesi can you get me a deal on a lil nx setup?

and to you guys who say dryshot is completely bad, i seen ppl run dry fine its just when ppl go to high of a shot and lean out there engine i've deffinately seen worse when those same rices try wet and dont know how to pick there jets. then they can run too rich or lean, so its mostly ricers fault. but also the venom and zex setup both mess wiuth ur ecu so they arent really dry. anyways truesi how much hp gain you think your pushin to the wheels? ok im gonna say peace now. gsxsol

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