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cb7 start problems


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I have a 1990 accord 5 speed, and everytime i go somewhere and don't stay very long, after driving my car there, i come back out to start it up and it turns over and fires briefly for about .5 seconds, then dies. It almost actually sounds like backfire more than anything, but im not sure. After it does that, there's no hope to get the engine going unless i wait for at least 5 min of me turning the key as it doesnt fire up. When i hear the engine engage i have to rev it up to about redline so it won't die again. The weird thing is, if I go somewhere and stay for about 1 hr the car has no problem starting at all. It's only when i stop for a short period of time.



A couple of my friends said different things, one said the timing was off which i found out was true, but it really isn't off that much. Also someone suggested it might be my idle being messed up. I've tried to adjust the idle to higher rpm, but it changes back gradually.


Can anyone give me a clue to what might be going on?

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