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Can someone advise me with my problem ? video inside


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Hi everyone ! first post here ! :D

So ..




This has been happening with my compressor. If i drive the car with the ac on it feels like i'm putting my foot on and off the gas every 2 seconds. As far as i can tell the ac fan never turns off, and as you can see the radiator fan doesn't turn on together with it. So i came with these conclusion and i would like someone to correct me if I'm wrong.



*The compressor cluth is bad there for locking up and making these annoying rpm changes

*The AC thermo switch, which is inside the evaporator is faulty, which can turn the ac on an off.

*The High pressure side switch can make the compressor shutdown ? therefore locking up the ac.


The high side is extremely hot, unbearable.

The low side is cold and little wet, no ice forming.

The ac overall is cold.

Please help ... Florida's sun is killing me

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Have you checked the level of refrigerant you have? Low refrigerant will make it cycle more often. The A/C system is a large load for these little 4 cylinder motors to handle.

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I'm going to check that. Should i check when the car is running with ac full blast right ?

Low or high port ? what numbers should i be seeing ?

You should see it as ounces/pounds of refrigerant. Should be with the A/C running. Low side check, you'll need gauges for it. There should be a sticker on your car that says what the range and max is.

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