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Few Questions..... 06 Accord EX


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I have a Honda Accord EX w/ Leather and Navi.....



1.) I need new tires. Right now I have on Michelin 205/60/16 91V. Are these the best ones to get? Is there something you guys would suggest which is just as good but a little less expensive?


2.) I need new rear brakes. Which is the best for my car? Im clueless with this...

Also, how much should a mechanic charge for shaving the rear rotors and replacing the rear brakes? I just don't want to get ripped off. My Honda dealership quoted me $230ish


3.) On my dash, the "Side Airbag Off" indicator came on. Let me make a few things known... this is NOT the "Passenger Airbag" indicator in the center console. This is on the dash. Also, there is nothing around and or on the seat. Nothing should be setting this off but... for some reason it will not turn off. Any suggestions?


Thanks all!!!!!



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