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how much boost could my 95 v6 accord handle?


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i just bought a turbo kit for my 95 honda accord ex v6, me and my friend are putting it in. My friend has a toyota supra that was non turbo'd when he bought the car, and he turbo'd it by himself by just making things fit, lots of money!! and by tuning it, works great though. People said on his forms, that he would'nt be able to do it and he made it work. So i dont want to hear any of that stuff about how hard it would be, because i know it can be done. But i just need to know how much boost would my c27 A v6 withhold without breaking stuff does anyone know.

Anyother stuff that i need to know about my moter or the turbo setup let me know if any of you know thanks bros.

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Our V6s are only slightly low in compression; 9.0:1. To get an idea of how much boost to run, I suggest finding other turbo setups where the engine started around that compression.


You will need to invest in Bisimoto stage 3 cams; they run about $800.


In the end, I feel the real question is: how much boost can your torque converter handle? IMO, not much. Your auto tranny is already stressed with the constant ~170ft-lbs it deals with every day. I suggest picking up an Acura Legend manual transmission swap at the same time you install your turbo.

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