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Valve Lash/h23 noise


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Hi. Recently had my car in the shop when my friend (an apprentice tech at honda) came over and listened to it idle, and goes " man youre knocking really bad!"


The engine (h23) makes a "ticking/clicking" noise from around the head at idle, and always has. ive heard that this is normal on h23, but not sure.


Problem is, the cars always sounded the way it does, i have no MIL (theres a brand new knock sensor in the car) and its got plenty of power. So i dont think its knocking. Research says it may be valve lash (engine has 158k on it), but ive never heard valve lash so i cant diagnose it...any thoughts/experience with this? BTW it burns a bit of oil...which according to honda is normal for H series. IDK if that helps...

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