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i cant ger rid off code 1

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I cant get rid off the code one thats been poping up in my car lately. Before with my other p28 chipped ecu it dint matter cause it dint need but now that i have a stock ecu it needs it i try putting in a new denso o2 sensor but still no signal. I checked all the wiring if it was correct and it is so i dont know what could it be one of my theories is that maybe i shouldnt put it in the front instead i should put it in the back at the end of the header. any input would be helpful. thnxz

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Here is the procedure the Haynes manual gives me to test and resolve this problem.

Turn the ignition switch to OFF

Remove the Hazard fuse in the main fuse box

Check the fuel pressure to make sure it's within spec

If fuel pressure is ok, warm the engine to normal operating temperature

Block the rear wheels and set the parking brake. Raise the front of the vehicle on jackstands

With the engine warmed up, put the transmission in 2nd gear, and run the engine at 2k for 15 minutes

If the check engine light comes on, or the LED flashes code 1, check for poor groundwire connections at the thermostat housing, or a loose connector at the O2 sensor

If those are good, continue below



Unplug the electrical connector at the O2 sensor, and connect a voltmeter between ground and the O2 sensor connector

Warm the vehicle to operating temp, then hold the engine at 4k for 10 seconds, then allow it to return to idle. The voltage should stay at .6 volts while at 4k, then should not drop below .4 volts with a closed throttle

If readings are too high or low, replace O2 sensor

If O2 sensor tests correctly, have the system checked at the dealership

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